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My Two Favourite People

I found this photo whilst stumbling and thought it was perfect, my two favourite people are Stephen Fry and Lady Gaga. So this was magnificent. I found it on Alligator Sunglasses, and they do have quite a few other amusing artefacts.



Live Fast… Unfortunately Die Young

Dean, Cobain, Winehouse. All amazing talents. All young with amazing careers ahead of them. All dead. Each dying far too young after a life of drink, drugs and most probably anything else they might find. 

After being at work and my boss receiving a text about Amy Winehouse’s death, my response was odd. I wasn’t surprised that she was dead, more saddened that it had came down to this. I adore her album Back to Black. It’s so deep and dark, it really was a change in the charts from the usual pop music, and really introduced a lot of people to Jazz and Blues which aren’t exactly main stream; and I myself have found some Jazz bars which I attend, probably thanks to Ms Winehouse.

I guess it isn’t suprising she has passed away. She came in to the scene so fresh and larger than life, that looking back at photos of her from her first album, Frank, it is almost difficult to recognise her, from what she became. After the drink, drugs, marriage, rehab, drink, drugs, rehab, failed tour, drink, rehab… it really follows like those before her that she wasn’t going to escape the cycle.

Of course I wish that she had managed to get her self out of the situation, cleaned up and releasing much more material for years to come, but with the path she took, I can’t help thinking that it may have been better if she had died sooner, so we wouldn’t have all expected it after seeing her downfall.

In anycase my thoughts are completely with her family and her friends. And I hope that her music continues to inspire.

RIP Amy Winehouse.

The Transformation of Matthew Lewis

I, as you may know am an avid Harry Potter fan, books first and then films. And previously my Hogwarts guy of choice would be Rupert Grint. I have a not so secret thing for gingers! However this as the title suggest isn’t an article on my love for Rupert but of my new love for Matthew Lewis, who plays Neville Longbottom in the series. I was pleasantly surprised after I saw him at the New York Première at how much he had grown up. He was like the best friend you have known all your life coming back from a holiday and you seeing them in a completely new light. So I wanted to take a look back of his life so far in stills, just so we can figure out the tell tale signs, so we aren’t too surprised when one of our own friends comes back from a break all gorgeous looking.

Philosopher Stone 2001

Philosopher’s Stone

 Chamber of Secrets 2002

Chamber of Secrets

 Prisoner of Azkaban 2004

Prisoner of Azkaban

Goblet of Fire 2005

Goblet of Fire

Order of Phoenix 2007

Order of Phoenix

Half Blood Prince 2009

Half Blood Prince

Deathly Hallows 2011

Deathly Hallows

So basically in the last 10 years we have gone from this, very cute little boy:

To this, most gorgeous young man:

So look out for the guy you know who:

  • Lost some weight
  • Tried lot’s of styles with his hair
  • Wasn’t the centre of attention
  • Always smiling
  • The guy you would think of as the ‘friend’

You never know what people will grow up to be like, but I think this is also fantastic for Matthew’s career, unlike the rest of the Potter characters, I feel he has completely left his character at Hogwarts and can now establish him self as the great actor we have only glimpsed. So I will be most anticipating The Sweet Shop in 2013!

Losing my ebay virginity.

I have had an ebay account for ages now, I got it originally to try and buy a dress for my prom. Long story short, I had a lipsy dress last year which I loved, it was comfy, pretty, and though I didn’t appriciate it at the time it was probably one of the best dresses I ever forked out money for. It was just lovely. So I thought as I needed a new dress I would get the same dress but with a different pattern, hopefully purple or silver to match some accesories I already had. However this was easier said than done, I found one on ebay and thought yes this is it. I made a bid.

I was out bid.

I angrily made another bid.

I was in the lead.

1 minute to go. Still mine.

30 seconds to go. Still mine

20 seconds to go. Some bitch out bid me.

The language which came out of my mouth as I tried to add another bid was proliffic. I would type it hear but fear I  may damage your eyes.

So that put me right of ebay. Wore my old dress and went to the prom. Which is fine and dandy really. It must just be a girl thing wanting to have a new dress for a prom.

The dress in question.

That was until this week when I finnaly lost my virginity, ebay wise.

Last week at the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Premiere in London I spotted a girl with a tiny book around her neck, it was Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone. I was in love. I needed that necklace,  my friend had to stop me from tearing it from her neck and running down the red carpet to make a getaway.


So I trawled the internet and finally came accros Dragon Dreads, where all the books were on sale on there own website: but also on there ebay account (search Dragon Dreads on ebay to find them). This was it the moment of nerves when I finally took the step and made the purchase on ebay. I was all of a flutter when I clicked ‘Buy Now’ and then went through the unfamiliar territory to purchase the necklace. Coming to a total of £4.50, with postage.

And here is where I thank Dragon Dreads for being the most caring lover to share my ebay virginity with. There were no issues I got the item 2 days later and it was exactly what I wanted. A tiny weeny Harry Potter and The Philosopher Stone Book on a silver chain.

Love it.

Nothing to do but make wands.

I’ve had all week off due to lack of shifts and stuff so decided to be really creative and make my friend a wand for her Harry Potter Themed Party. And I have to say it has been most enjoyable. Firstly finding wand shaped twigs and practicing with them, making sure they hand a nice magical feel by casting a couple of spells. Then finding out how to use sandpaper and other wood tools to, make them less ‘found them by a tree’ and more ‘very expensive custom wand’. Sanding however takes along time and creates a lot of mess… Then using some varnish to make them all shiny and pretty looking. Which really made them look more like HP wands. Obviously they don’t have a Dragons Heart String or a Phoenix Feather as there core due lack of availability at Tescos. Finally wrapping them in ribbon to create a soft handle and voilà hand made custom wands. Fabulous for a real Harry Potter geek. Unfortunately after finishing them my sister came in to ask if she could have one and I had to do it all over again. I will upload a photo once I’ve given it away, to keep some sense of surprise.

I want to marry Kristen Wiig.

With my usual cinema buddies being away, poor or uninterested to see a ‘chick flick’, I was thrilled to be getting back on movie schedule tonight with an unsuspecting guy to see Bridesmaids. I was pretty apprehensive when I looked about the cinema to see pretty much the same middle (and older) aged women who had been there to flap about Colin Firth in the Kings Speech. But as soon as the titles ended I realised this is no chick flick, this film has serious balls! It was less Brides Wars more Superbad!!!

I’m not a particular LOL (laugh at loud) kind of person in a cinema or in any other situation, but I was litterally pissing myself. However I was not on my own, litterally every woman and boyfriend dragged along (11 guys in total) was also pissing there panties laughing with me. Techincally I thought it was classic, great acting, characters, lines, casting; but it still followed the lovely chick flick guidelines.


I.E she has a shit man who fucks her over, then meets a lovely cop, played by the beautifully Irish Chris O’Dowd; She can’t decided who she wants, she makes wrong choice. Falls in love with the cop. Blah, blah blah. They live happily ever after.

I literally drove home wanting to be pulled over by a cop in the hope that the same thing would happen to me and that instead of coming home to a house which is all asleep, I would be off on some wild adventure with a beautiful Irish police officer. This obviously didn’t happen. However the night is still young….

But really I write this blog to express my new founded love for Miss Kristen Wiig. I hope she and I have a loving relationship and she continues to produce more amazingly brilliant films, like she already has in Whip It and Adventureland. However that sort of indie young film will never give her enough credit. She is a leading lady who needs to be given more rolls accordingly. What is the female version of a Bro-mance?? A Ho-mance? If so this is what this is.

Still laughing. Bridesmaids, you rocked my world!


Black and White Nature

This is where I will be a bit arty farty, these are some photos I took of a nature reserve which was used during the war for bomb shelters; Over the years the nature has started reclaiming the land and it really is one of my favourite places to explore.

Gleek Out.

I’ve finished season 2. Been to the live show. And probably can completely admit I’m a gleek. I don’t normally get too involved in TV shows as normally I get

Me at Glee Live!

pretty obsessed with films (Back to Future and LOTR mainly). But there was something completely welcoming about Glee. It’s fun, easy going, not really that childish, full of very attractive young men, and has lots of lovely songs. So why is Glee uncool. Obviously I understand it can’t be to everyone’s taste but some people seem really to hate it with a passion. I can grasp that some people find musicals uncomfortable, with people bursting in to song, but in Glee that’s really not the case. They generally start singing in a rehearsal or as a performance (though I admit there seems to be hardly any rehearsal periods, where people get the lyrics wrong).

I think the main reason I like it is because I can relate. Glee is really about being a bit of a loser. Not in the ‘it’ crowd basically. I was sort of always the outsider, which didn’t bother me but generally most US TV shows of my childhood, Saved by the Bell and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, were about the cool kids, which wasn’t me. So I like being part of a gang of losers.

I definitely felt part of the gang at Glee Live! last Saturday, at the O2 in London. It was amazing seeing everyone in Glee shirts of all ages and sizes singing and having a lovely time. Even some dragged along boyfriends seemed to be having a little sing along once they realised they knew the song. The best thing was definitely The Warblers, I have a proper crush on Darren Criss and I was really loving seeing him in person, though he didn’t catch my eye and whisk me off for a romantic date 😦 The worst thing about Glee Live! was the prices of merchandise. I wasn’t expecting things to be cheap but £15 for a program and over £120 for a tour jacket, I did feel quite let down. They like us being losers but they require us to be rich losers.

Overall I’m still a gleek. And love it.

Back Online

So here I am. Back online. Exams finished. Holiday started, I finally have some time for this blog. I decided to clear it of all the old stuff just to start afresh. But generally I wanted to start a new blog but was too lazy and decided to use this one again.

Laziness: 1   Jas: 0

Peace out.