Monthly Archives: May 2012

Dino Drawing.

I was looking through some old pictures and found these classics from Sixth Form. Basically if your not fully up to date with the death of the Dinosaurs, these images show basically what happened. As they are very graphic bloody scenes, we used toy dinosaurs to destroy each other. Who ever said the education system was poor was an idiot….and probably though dinosaurs didn’t exist.


The Indisputable Leader of the Gang

I blame revision. All of the maths has pushed the one thing that should matter out of my mind. And I thank my sister in resolving this with the message ‘TOPCAT MOVIE!!!’. How could I have forgotten about the most effectual Top Cat. Despite there only being 30 episodes in existence I remember most of my childhood with him. I am therefore most looking forward to the movie just to join in with new adventures with the gang. The voices are not quite as good as I remember and the new style animation makes me despise modern day animation, but if it introduces Top Cat to a new generation I am very happy.

A Message No Boy Should Face.

I found this video, which has been getting a lot of publicity recently and I imagine much more in the near future and really wanted to share it with you. It’s a video posted by Shaun Wilson-Miller aged 17 from Australia. Shaun has a terminal illness called chronic heart rejection, causing the rejection of his transplanted hearts. He has been told by doctors that he has only matter of weeks left and decided to post a video to his friends on Facebook. Unfortunately due to a technical error it wouldn’t upload so tried again on YouTube, and the video just for his friends received 10,000 views overnight. Even though the video is very sad, and I recommend you have some tissues ready, it is also extremely inspiring. A boy who can encourage people to make the most of their lives knowing he will not get to fulfil his own is truly an inspiration and will deeply missed by mankind.

My thought’s are with his family and friends. Be brave and follow Shaun and have ‘an awesome ride’



I can completely understand why people used to believe in dragons, with creatures like the iguana, how could you not. I recently met a couple whilst in Spain and loved the texture of there skin, especially when you can see it starting to peel. I found them very beautiful especially with their wise faces.




Pepé Posing

So I have a posing monster with Pepé, I spent ages trying to get a photo of him in the garden, whenever he stayed still I focused on the camera and found he had moved to under my feet!

Finally I managed one…. And I’m sure you’ll agree he is very cute!


Doctor Who?

So basically I am the new doctor who assistant…. You want evidence! I was very excited about seeing the T.A.R.D.I.S. at Birmingham!


What’s The Time.

This was another random shot which I had to take when I noticed that the clock faces on Big Ben. London, were not agreeing on the time. This was just down to the alterations being made but not something you see every day!
Big Ben Clock Tower

Seeing Double.

I took this photo whilst at Benelmadena’s butterfly farm, it wasn’t till I got it home and uploaded it that I realised I was seeing double.

First thought:
I have discovered a very rare Siamese Butterfly.

Second thought:
There are just 2 one behind another

I thought it was a very luck shot, and not one I was aware of at the time, can you see them both!



I have found my calling, I am at one with butterflies. I discovered this in a recent visit to the Butterfly Farm, Benelmadena in Spain, I manages to draw a little crowd of them, attracted to a floral dress.



Oregon Optics.

Stumbling away I found what I think are absolutely beautiful sunglasses. They really putting my dear old Raybans to shame. Shwood have hand crafted these stunning glasses out of a variety of wood, showing of the woods pure elegance! Even though the company are based in Oregon, US, I have found a couple of stockists in the UK but I feel I will need to be quick as stocks are already running low and crafting these items are not a 5 minute job.


UK Stockists
Foot Patrol
End Clothing