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The Indisputable Leader of the Gang

I blame revision. All of the maths has pushed the one thing that should matter out of my mind. And I thank my sister in resolving this with the message ‘TOPCAT MOVIE!!!’. How could I have forgotten about the most effectual Top Cat. Despite there only being 30 episodes in existence I remember most of my childhood with him. I am therefore most looking forward to the movie just to join in with new adventures with the gang. The voices are not quite as good as I remember and the new style animation makes me despise modern day animation, but if it introduces Top Cat to a new generation I am very happy.


Heart this shirt.

My friend posted this on my Facebook a while a go and I still love it and if it wasn’t all the way in the US I’d have one already. It is the most beautifully designed Harry Potter shirt, using the Hogwarts Emblem as a design. I love the washed out colours but also the way Gryffindors and Slytherins. You can take a look at Threadless to get one for yourself. Heart it.