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Another 5 Obscure Harry Potter Facts

I have already listed 10 obscure facts from Harry Potter, yet I feel some of them are pretty known now, so with this list I have delved a bit deeper and the jewels can be found below.

1. The core of the Elder Wand is Thestral tail hair. JK Rowling says this is because it’s such a powerful and tricky substance and hence only possible of being mastered by a witch or wizard who is capable of facing death.

2. In the Goblet of Fire, Sirius was originally meant to live with a Figg like woman called Mopsy in Hogsmede, who was an extreme dog lover, and so happy to take in Snuffles. But this was late cut and replaced with him living in the cave.

3. The squib Arabella Figg, cat’s aren’t all what they seem, she does a roaring trade in cross breeding cats with Kneazles, creating very intelligent cats such as Crookshanks.

4. Hagrid’s wand, and the remains in his pink umbrella, are Oak. However JK Rowling has commented that if she had used the Celtic system for assigning wands, he would have been given an Elder wand. She says that as the Oak is ‘The King of the Forest’ in England and is known for it’s strength and protection. Summing up Hagrid.

5. Ron’s owl Pigwidgeon is Scops, which is a very small unshowy owl, and is meant to reflect it’s owner. (The unshowy bit, not the small!)


Potter Tree.

I used to go on JK Rowlings website regularly and have sort of forgotten about it with all the Pottermore hype, but decided to have a butchers recently and found this hidden family tree she had written and I’d thought I’d share it with you all.

My only disappointment with this is that, although in the book it is unmentioned to whom Neville gets it on with, the final film hinted that Neville and Luna are united.  I feel Neville should come along and kick this Rolf out.

Obscure Harry Potter Facts

Being a bit bored of what I’m doing I have decided to compile a list of 10 obscure facts about the Harry Potter series. Obviously most potter maniacs will know them as it runs in their blood, but to recent fans or maybe for film-solo fans they will be lovely. I would like to credit all the Harry Potter websites and forums who helped me compile this list. What is the collective term for Harry Potter Fans? Glee fans are Gleeks. Twilight fans are losers, sorry I mean Twihards.

But what is there for Potters?

1. Dementors don’t breed like everyone else but spawn from decay. Such as from mould  or fungus.

2. Crookshanks, Hermione’s cat is not 100% cat. Instead it’s half kneazle, this is why it is so suspicious of Ron’s Rat Scabbers, which turns out to be Wormtail.


3. In earlier stages The Death Eaters were going to be called the Knights of Walpurgis. I’m glad she settled on Death Eaters.

4. Ginny’s full name is not actually Virginia, but Ginevra.

5. The code Arthur Weasley uses to get into the Ministry using the public entrance, i.e. using the Telephone box is 62442, which spells out MAGIC. Cool right?


6. There are 10 types of dragon mentioned in Harry Potter they are:

  • Antipodean Opaleye
  • Chinese Fireball
  • Common Welsh Green
  • Hebridean Black
  • Hungarian Horntail
  • Norwegian Ridgeback
  • Peruvian Vipertooth
  • Romanian Longhorn
  • Swedish Short-Snout
  • Ukrainian Ironbelly
7. If a muggle goes near Hogwarts all they would see is an old ruin with the sign ‘Keep Out, Dangerous Building’.
8. Dragon’s Blood is an effective oven cleaner. Forget Cillit Bang.
9. Hogwarts’ school motto is ‘Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus’ this translates from Latin to ‘Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon’. Pretty wise advice.
10. Voldemort’s wand is made of yew, historically yew is seen by some as having supernatural power and symbolic of death and rebirth. So the immortality of which Voldemort seeks.

The Transformation of Matthew Lewis

I, as you may know am an avid Harry Potter fan, books first and then films. And previously my Hogwarts guy of choice would be Rupert Grint. I have a not so secret thing for gingers! However this as the title suggest isn’t an article on my love for Rupert but of my new love for Matthew Lewis, who plays Neville Longbottom in the series. I was pleasantly surprised after I saw him at the New York Première at how much he had grown up. He was like the best friend you have known all your life coming back from a holiday and you seeing them in a completely new light. So I wanted to take a look back of his life so far in stills, just so we can figure out the tell tale signs, so we aren’t too surprised when one of our own friends comes back from a break all gorgeous looking.

Philosopher Stone 2001

Philosopher’s Stone

 Chamber of Secrets 2002

Chamber of Secrets

 Prisoner of Azkaban 2004

Prisoner of Azkaban

Goblet of Fire 2005

Goblet of Fire

Order of Phoenix 2007

Order of Phoenix

Half Blood Prince 2009

Half Blood Prince

Deathly Hallows 2011

Deathly Hallows

So basically in the last 10 years we have gone from this, very cute little boy:

To this, most gorgeous young man:

So look out for the guy you know who:

  • Lost some weight
  • Tried lot’s of styles with his hair
  • Wasn’t the centre of attention
  • Always smiling
  • The guy you would think of as the ‘friend’

You never know what people will grow up to be like, but I think this is also fantastic for Matthew’s career, unlike the rest of the Potter characters, I feel he has completely left his character at Hogwarts and can now establish him self as the great actor we have only glimpsed. So I will be most anticipating The Sweet Shop in 2013!