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Losing my ebay virginity.

I have had an ebay account for ages now, I got it originally to try and buy a dress for my prom. Long story short, I had a lipsy dress last year which I loved, it was comfy, pretty, and though I didn’t appriciate it at the time it was probably one of the best dresses I ever forked out money for. It was just lovely. So I thought as I needed a new dress I would get the same dress but with a different pattern, hopefully purple or silver to match some accesories I already had. However this was easier said than done, I found one on ebay and thought yes this is it. I made a bid.

I was out bid.

I angrily made another bid.

I was in the lead.

1 minute to go. Still mine.

30 seconds to go. Still mine

20 seconds to go. Some bitch out bid me.

The language which came out of my mouth as I tried to add another bid was proliffic. I would type it hear but fear I  may damage your eyes.

So that put me right of ebay. Wore my old dress and went to the prom. Which is fine and dandy really. It must just be a girl thing wanting to have a new dress for a prom.

The dress in question.

That was until this week when I finnaly lost my virginity, ebay wise.

Last week at the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Premiere in London I spotted a girl with a tiny book around her neck, it was Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone. I was in love. I needed that necklace,  my friend had to stop me from tearing it from her neck and running down the red carpet to make a getaway.


So I trawled the internet and finally came accros Dragon Dreads, where all the books were on sale on there own website: http://www.dragondreads.co.uk/ but also on there ebay account (search Dragon Dreads on ebay to find them). This was it the moment of nerves when I finally took the step and made the purchase on ebay. I was all of a flutter when I clicked ‘Buy Now’ and then went through the unfamiliar territory to purchase the necklace. Coming to a total of £4.50, with postage.

And here is where I thank Dragon Dreads for being the most caring lover to share my ebay virginity with. There were no issues I got the item 2 days later and it was exactly what I wanted. A tiny weeny Harry Potter and The Philosopher Stone Book on a silver chain.

Love it.