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I have found the entrance.

I hope to see more geeky graffiti like this in future travels.


The Sweetest Thing.

I would really love to get home and see this on my bed, unless I crashed out and woke up in a melted, chocolatey, sugary mess. But generally it would be quite wonderful.

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

This is from ‘how it should have ended’ and basically looks at films and decides how they should have ended. Quite amusing and I believe basically it’s all Hermione’s fault.

I Heart Cloud

I took this photo whilst on my way to Spain. I just thought it looked like a heart. Nice eh?

Another 5 Obscure Harry Potter Facts

I have already listed 10 obscure facts from Harry Potter, yet I feel some of them are pretty known now, so with this list I have delved a bit deeper and the jewels can be found below.

1. The core of the Elder Wand is Thestral tail hair. JK Rowling says this is because it’s such a powerful and tricky substance and hence only possible of being mastered by a witch or wizard who is capable of facing death.

2. In the Goblet of Fire, Sirius was originally meant to live with a Figg like woman called Mopsy in Hogsmede, who was an extreme dog lover, and so happy to take in Snuffles. But this was late cut and replaced with him living in the cave.

3. The squib Arabella Figg, cat’s aren’t all what they seem, she does a roaring trade in cross breeding cats with Kneazles, creating very intelligent cats such as Crookshanks.

4. Hagrid’s wand, and the remains in his pink umbrella, are Oak. However JK Rowling has commented that if she had used the Celtic system for assigning wands, he would have been given an Elder wand. She says that as the Oak is ‘The King of the Forest’ in England and is known for it’s strength and protection. Summing up Hagrid.

5. Ron’s owl Pigwidgeon is Scops, which is a very small unshowy owl, and is meant to reflect it’s owner. (The unshowy bit, not the small!)

Potter Tree.

I used to go on JK Rowlings website regularly and have sort of forgotten about it with all the Pottermore hype, but decided to have a butchers recently and found this hidden family tree she had written and I’d thought I’d share it with you all.

My only disappointment with this is that, although in the book it is unmentioned to whom Neville gets it on with, the final film hinted that Neville and Luna are united.  I feel Neville should come along and kick this Rolf out.