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Dino Drawing.

I was looking through some old pictures and found these classics from Sixth Form. Basically if your not fully up to date with the death of the Dinosaurs, these images show basically what happened. As they are very graphic bloody scenes, we used toy dinosaurs to destroy each other. Who ever said the education system was poor was an idiot….and probably though dinosaurs didn’t exist.


Too Old for Temporary Tattoos?

Back in my childhood, 90’s and early 00’s temporary tattoos were pretty damn cool. They normally were pretty rubbish looking but you felt very rebellious and grown up having a skull or star (depending on what you have left in the pack) placed on your arm or belly. It was a skill you had to develop as getting the technique of not getting the tattoo too wet or keeping it too dry and making sure you leave it long enough so it transfers. There probably is a degree programme in it somewhere.

But that was when I was a child. So now when I’m fully able to go in to a tattoo shop and get a real, kick ass tattoo, am I quite excited to find an old temporary tattoo of a flower in the back of my make-up draw. Obviously I have already put it on, on my wrist as that’s where I’d get a real tattoo. But the main reason I have a fake one over the real deal is the fact that I keep changing my mind. I love seeing the designs done on LA Ink and Miami Ink, they are really amazing (and probably very expensive). But I wish they’d do a follow up program, 10 years time…25 years time…. do they still like there tattoo? Has it gone all wrinkly to an extent that it looks the Blob. Has the colourful butterfly faded to a mothy wash out? I would love to go and get on today but what if I hate it tomorrow? Or go off the style? Until I’m sure of it I will really stick with my fake one. It will scrub off if I hate it.