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Potter Tastic

This is so my favourite Harry Potter website, it’s called The Harry Potter Companion. Not only does it give lots of insights into Harry Potter, more book information than film information; but it has some amazing Potter related artwork.

When you first go on go to ‘Chapter by Chapter’ and pick your favourite book and go through it, for example the picture on the below, is from Letters From No One in The Philosopher’s Stone. It is from the Sunday when the Dursley’s are expecting no more post.

The images vary completely, some are sketches, others are paitnings whilst some are cartoons style images. Even though I like the images like the one I have shown here, I think the variety of different images makes it feel more like a compilation from many fans or Harry Potter and the website lists all the amazing artists who have given permission for there beautiful work to be used. I would love this to be published in to a book, though I know with the amount of cases Warner Brothers and J K Rowling have fought, they wouldn’t be as keen… though I hope they’d still appreciate the work.

If the chapter by chapter work wasn’t enough they are also starting a collection of character portraits using information from the books to give them more depth.   For example the picture below of Harry Potter .

Currently they only have character profiles of Harry, Ginny and Dumbledore but I expect there will be more soon.

There is so much to the website and I implore you to check it out. Seriously beautiful, and even if your not a big Potter geek, I am sure you’d appreciate the work.


Black and White Nature

This is where I will be a bit arty farty, these are some photos I took of a nature reserve which was used during the war for bomb shelters; Over the years the nature has started reclaiming the land and it really is one of my favourite places to explore.