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Road Sign.

This picture was taken by my sister this week in London, and I just wanted to share it with you.

Courtesy of K.E


Seeing Double.

I took this photo whilst at Benelmadena’s butterfly farm, it wasn’t till I got it home and uploaded it that I realised I was seeing double.

First thought:
I have discovered a very rare Siamese Butterfly.

Second thought:
There are just 2 one behind another

I thought it was a very luck shot, and not one I was aware of at the time, can you see them both!


The Sweetest Thing.

I would really love to get home and see this on my bed, unless I crashed out and woke up in a melted, chocolatey, sugary mess. But generally it would be quite wonderful.

I Heart Cloud

I took this photo whilst on my way to Spain. I just thought it looked like a heart. Nice eh?

Black and White Nature

This is where I will be a bit arty farty, these are some photos I took of a nature reserve which was used during the war for bomb shelters; Over the years the nature has started reclaiming the land and it really is one of my favourite places to explore.