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A Message No Boy Should Face.

I found this video, which has been getting a lot of publicity recently and I imagine much more in the near future and really wanted to share it with you. It’s a video posted by Shaun Wilson-Miller aged 17 from Australia. Shaun has a terminal illness called chronic heart rejection, causing the rejection of his transplanted hearts. He has been told by doctors that he has only matter of weeks left and decided to post a video to his friends on Facebook. Unfortunately due to a technical error it wouldn’t upload so tried again on YouTube, and the video just for his friends received 10,000 views overnight. Even though the video is very sad, and I recommend you have some tissues ready, it is also extremely inspiring. A boy who can encourage people to make the most of their lives knowing he will not get to fulfil his own is truly an inspiration and will deeply missed by mankind.

My thought’s are with his family and friends. Be brave and follow Shaun and have ‘an awesome ride’



I Heart Cloud

I took this photo whilst on my way to Spain. I just thought it looked like a heart. Nice eh?

Heart this shirt.

My friend posted this on my Facebook a while a go and I still love it and if it wasn’t all the way in the US I’d have one already. It is the most beautifully designed Harry Potter shirt, using the Hogwarts Emblem as a design. I love the washed out colours but also the way Gryffindors and Slytherins. You can take a look at Threadless to get one for yourself. Heart it.