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Nothing to do but make wands.

I’ve had all week off due to lack of shifts and stuff so decided to be really creative and make my friend a wand for her Harry Potter Themed Party. And I have to say it has been most enjoyable. Firstly finding wand shaped twigs and practicing with them, making sure they hand a nice magical feel by casting a couple of spells. Then finding out how to use sandpaper and other wood tools to, make them less ‘found them by a tree’ and more ‘very expensive custom wand’. Sanding however takes along time and creates a lot of mess… Then using some varnish to make them all shiny and pretty looking. Which really made them look more like HP wands. Obviously they don’t have a Dragons Heart String or a Phoenix Feather as there core due lack of availability at Tescos. Finally wrapping them in ribbon to create a soft handle and voilà hand made custom wands. Fabulous for a real Harry Potter geek. Unfortunately after finishing them my sister came in to ask if she could have one and I had to do it all over again. I will upload a photo once I’ve given it away, to keep some sense of surprise.