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In a Galaxy Far Far Away.

What if there was a galaxy far far away in which the characters from Star Wars actually existed and recreated famous images from the world of film, art, music and history. Well thanks to David Eger’s amazing works the galaxy is a hell of a lot closer. Check out the full article here. But here are a few of my favourites.

Royal Kiss

Royal Kiss

Mona Leia

The Mona Leia.

Abbey Road

Abbey Road.

Last Supper

Last Supper

Only Hope

Another Oscar Winner


Heart Jessie J.

On Friday me and the family went to see Jessie J in concert at Warwick Castle. An amazing venue for a huge yet intimate gig. She was brilliant live and not afraid to chat and entertain in between songs, even restart Price Tag when she forgot the words.

I’d recommend her live to anyone as you could tell the eclectic audience were thrilled when the fireworks went up at the end.

I found this picture of my mum, sister and myself on the heart fm website F


Buttery Biscuit Base

So being a listener of Greg James on Radio 1, I have been growing to love this song which is compiled by Swede Mason. It is created using the British MasterChef’s judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode. It uses the common sayings of the guys as they critique contestants’ food. It is officially known as MasterChef Synesthesia, but it has become known as the Buttery Biscuit Base Song. I hope you enjoy listening, and it doesn’t get too annoying when you end up signing it all day….. I like the base… base… biscuit base…..

My Two Favourite People

I found this photo whilst stumbling and thought it was perfect, my two favourite people are Stephen Fry and Lady Gaga. So this was magnificent. I found it on Alligator Sunglasses, and they do have quite a few other amusing artefacts.


Live Fast… Unfortunately Die Young

Dean, Cobain, Winehouse. All amazing talents. All young with amazing careers ahead of them. All dead. Each dying far too young after a life of drink, drugs and most probably anything else they might find. 

After being at work and my boss receiving a text about Amy Winehouse’s death, my response was odd. I wasn’t surprised that she was dead, more saddened that it had came down to this. I adore her album Back to Black. It’s so deep and dark, it really was a change in the charts from the usual pop music, and really introduced a lot of people to Jazz and Blues which aren’t exactly main stream; and I myself have found some Jazz bars which I attend, probably thanks to Ms Winehouse.

I guess it isn’t suprising she has passed away. She came in to the scene so fresh and larger than life, that looking back at photos of her from her first album, Frank, it is almost difficult to recognise her, from what she became. After the drink, drugs, marriage, rehab, drink, drugs, rehab, failed tour, drink, rehab… it really follows like those before her that she wasn’t going to escape the cycle.

Of course I wish that she had managed to get her self out of the situation, cleaned up and releasing much more material for years to come, but with the path she took, I can’t help thinking that it may have been better if she had died sooner, so we wouldn’t have all expected it after seeing her downfall.

In anycase my thoughts are completely with her family and her friends. And I hope that her music continues to inspire.

RIP Amy Winehouse.